Let us take the stress out of planning, so you can focus on what truly matters – the beginning of your happily ever after. Dive into our Packages and discover the keys to creating a wedding day that reflects your style, captures your essence, and exceeds your expectations.

Our Packages

Alright, imagine your dream wedding, right? Now, let's sprinkle some magic on it! That's basically what full wedding planning and design services are all about.

Full Planning

So, here's the scoop:

In a nutshell? We're your wedding besties, guiding you through the whole journey, turning those dreamy ideas into your real-life, epic wedding day.

First off, we sit down, maybe over some coffee or on zoom, and you spill the beans on all your wedding dreams. Got a Pinterest board? Show me! We'll chat about everything – from the vibe you want to the tiny details you didn't even know you needed.

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1. Dream Realization

You know those awesome pros who make weddings run smoothly, like photographers, caterers, and DJs? We'll scout, chat with, and pick the best ones for you. Think of it as matchmaking but for wedding vendors!

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2.Vendor Vibe Check

Money chats can be tricky, but don't sweat it. We'll break down the budget, find ways to make your money work its magic, and help you prioritize where to splurge and where to save.

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3. Budget Buddy

Weddings have lots of moving parts. We'll create a timeline that keeps everything on track, so you can just relax and enjoy the ride on your big day and leading up to it.

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4. Timeline Tamer

Now, onto the fun part! We'll dive deep into the design – from your color palette to the invitations to the centerpieces, ensuring everything vibes together seamlessly.

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5. Design Delight

When the big day rolls around, we're there, making sure everything runs like clockwork. If something sneaky pops up (like a rogue flower girl or a missing boutonniere), we'll handle it, so you're free to soak in all the love and joy.

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6. Day-of Dynamo

Alright, imagine your wedding as a blank canvas. Full wedding design and styling is like having a super-talented artist (that's us!) come in and paint the most gorgeous picture using all your favorite colors and vibes.

Wedding Design + Styling

Here's how it goes down:

So, in short? We're here to sprinkle some design fairy dust on your wedding, making sure it's as dreamy, stylish, and downright stunning as you've always imagined.

First things first, we chat. You tell us all about your dream wedding vibes – the colors, the feels, the whole shebang. Have a Pinterest board bursting with inspo? Awesome! We'll dive in, pick out themes, colors, and styles that scream "you."

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1. Mood Board Magic

Ever notice how it's the little things that make a big impact? We'll obsess over every tiny detail – think table settings, floral arrangements, signage, and all those Insta-worthy touches that'll have your guests snapping away.

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2. Details, Details

While we're all about the details, we also keep the overall vibe in check. We'll ensure everything flows together seamlessly, creating a cohesive look that's totally 'gram-worthy and 100% you.

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3. The Big Picture

We then scour online stores, Etsy shops, local rental companies, niche vendors, and specialty websites. It's like online shopping, but with a mission – to find pieces that'll make your wedding day shine. All options and prices are then shared with you for final calls and payment planning. 

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4. Researching Queen

Sometimes, the best way to get exactly what you want is to make it yourself (or with a little help from our crafty friends). We might whip up some custom decor, signage, or bigger builds to make your overall vision and wow factors come to life. 

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5. Diy Delights

On the day, we're there, making sure every candle is lit, every napkin is folded just right, and every flower is in its perfect place. Basically, we're the behind-the-scenes magic-makers, ensuring your wedding looks like it jumped straight out of a magazine.

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6. Styling Squad

You've got the big wedding vision sorted, right? 🌟 Month-of coordination is like having that super-organized friend swoop in to make sure everything's smooth sailing in those last few weeks and on your big day.

Month Of Coordination

Here's the lowdown:

In short, month-of coordination is like having a wedding sidekick for those crucial final weeks. You handle the fun stuff, and we'll tackle the logistics. Together, we'll make sure your day is as epic and organized as you've always dreamed!

We'll grab a coffee or zoom and go over all the plans you've made. Think of it as a mini wedding meeting where we get all the deets.

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1. Catch-Up Session:

We'll touch base with all your vendors, making sure everyone's on the same page. Basically, a friendly nudge to ensure everyone knows where to be and when.

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2.Vendor Check In

Don’t worry about a timeline, we got you. It will start with your hair and makeup, end with your last band set, and include everything in between (trust me). We make sure it's super clear on who's doing what and when to keep everyone on the same page. 

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3. Timeline Tune-up

We'll be there for the rehearsal, herding the bridal party (in the nicest way possible!) and making sure everyone knows their steps and cues. Want us to coordinate your dinner design and setup too? Let us know!

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4. Rehearsal Wrangler

On the big day? We've got your back. From setting up decor to making sure the cake arrives in one piece, we'll be behind the scenes, making the magic happen, and clearing up any mishaps without a hitch.

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5. Day-of Dynamo

Imagine a wedding, but make it super cozy and intimate. A micro wedding or elopement is all about keeping things small and personal. It's like your favorite coffee shop corner but dressed up with some wedding magic.

Elopements + Micro Weddings

Here's how it goes down:

So, in short? We're here to sprinkle some design fairy dust on your wedding, making sure it's as dreamy, stylish, and downright stunning as you've always imagined.

Instead of a huge crowd, you're focusing on those who mean the most to you. Think quality over quantity!

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1. Guest List Love

Maybe a cute little garden spot, a trendy rooftop, or even a private dining room at a favorite restaurant. It's all about finding that perfect spot that feels just right.

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2. Venue Vibes

Less hustle, more heart. With fewer guests, there's more time to chat, laugh, and soak in the love.

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3. Chill Atmosphere

It's all about the two of you. No fuss, no frills. Just love and your vows.

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4. Simple & Sweet

While it's intimate, it's also super special. Many couples opt for a photographer or videographer to capture the magic.


5. Capture the moment

Let's dive into the world of wedding florals! When your planner also dabbles in floral design, it's like having a double-whammy of awesomeness. Here's the scoop:

1. Dream session

In essence, when your planner also handles floral design, it's like a one-stop-shop for wedding magic. We blend your vision with floral finesse, ensuring every petal is in place and every arrangement is as stunning as you imagined.

We chat flowers, colors, vibes, and all those Pinterest-worthy arrangements you've been eyeing. 

Floral Design

2. venue vibes

We'll scope out your wedding venue together. Why? 'Cause knowing the space helps us dream up floral designs that'll truly shine and vibe with the setting.

3. Bouquets & Boutonnieres

We'll chat style, size, and all the little deets. Whether you're dreaming of lush roses or colorful wildflowers, we've got you covered.

4. Tablescapes & Centerpieces

Think cute bud vases, whimsical centerpieces, or maybe a lush greenery garland Whatever your heart desires, we'll make those tables look like a dream.

5. Archways & Aisles

If you're saying "I do" under a flower-adorned arch or walking down an aisle sprinkled with petals, we'll design and set it all up, ensuring it's totally 'you'.

6. Budget BFf

Flowers can be a big part of the budget, but no worries! We'll work together to get the most bang for your buck, suggesting blooms that are in season or offering alternatives that still give that wow factor.



Think of it as borrowing some awesome stuff to jazz up your big day without buying it all brand new. Looking for some gold taper candle holders or unique table numbers? Maybe some cheesecloth napkins or a card box? Why buy when you can rent, right? It's a fab way to get those dreamy wedding vibes without filling up your garage with stuff you'll only use once. Plus, your planner knows the ins and outs, ensuring everything looks perfect on your big day.

Design Consultation

Want guidance and a design bestie throughout your planning but don’t want us doing all of the ins and outs of full design and styling? This could be an option for you. Think of this as open communication on all things cohesion.

- M+R

"From day one she was completely engaged and available whenever I had (many) questions. She accomplished anything I requested of her, and then some! 

- D+K

"Ashley was fantastic to work with as our wedding planner! She took on all the stress, and provided us with no worry or doubt along the way."

- A+T

"It was such a pleasure to work with Ashley. Her ideas were creative, beautiful and completed to perfection. The highlight was her floral arrangements... Beautiful!"

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